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  • High-end product by its texture, the quality of the ingredients used and its flavours.
  • Handmade in Quebec
  • Half-healthy snack, half-dessert, perfect for children
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Discover our unique flavours

  • Fudge Epice

    Spicy Fudge

    Foodies favourite: for anyone who loves flavour-enhanced foods. Its soft texture, its chocolate flavour, made with real cocoa and the little "kick" of spices might turn you into a Spicy Fudge addict.

  • Framboise Litchee

    Raspberry Lychee

    The charm of the raspberry lychee pop comes from its exotic smell that transports us, for a moment, to Asia. This healthy dessert is made with real fruits, and no dairy products or allergens.

  • Fraise


    The true taste of strawberry is found in every bite. Those who love this berry will not be disappointed. Contains dairy products.

  • Banane Choco

    Chocolate Banana

    Are you the type to dip bananas in your chocolate fondue? This ice pop is one of the favourites amongst young or older kids. The pairing of the bananas and the chocolate in each bite is simply delicious.

  • Creme Brulee

    Crème Brûlée Salted Caramel Chocolate

    Without a doubt the most popular flavour of Jösitö: the blend of flavours found in the crème brûlée pop dipped in salted caramel chocolate with a sprinkle of fleur de sel is divine. We love it at all seasons, all the time.

  • Citron Basilic

    Lemon Basil

    The lemon basil is simply fresh in every way. Made with lemon juice, fresh basil and ginger, the smell and taste are delicious.

Aladin et ses friandises*45.47920270*-74.29835630*48 Saint-Jean-Baptiste Est Street* Rigaud* (QC) J0P 1P0***Show on Map* | Alimentation Poivre et Sel*45.55073440*-73.57366020*3245 Masson Street* Montréal* (QC) H1Y 1Y4 ***Show on Map* | Arbre en arbre Havelock*45.01970780*-73.74770750*551* Covey Hill Road* Havelock (QC) J0S 2C0***Show on Map* | Bar laitier Délice du coin*45.64041940*-72.90144980*4625 Blvd Laurier Est* Saint-Hyacinthe* (QC) J2R 2B3***Show on Map* | Bécane à Cornets*45.31508170*-73.87790330***Beauharnois (QC)***Show on Map* | Bonisoir*45.27355390*-74.19533010*75 Théophile-Brassard* Coteau-du-Lac* QC* Canada**Show on Map* | Boucherie Christian Houle *45.31636950*-73.86254590*315* Maple-Grove Boulevard* Beauharnois (QC) J6N 1M2***Show on Map* | Boulangerie Guay*46.28706120*-72.68501620*11760 Notre Dame Ouest* Trois-Rivières* (QC) G9B 6W8***Show on Map* | Boulangerie Lamontagne*46.05986560*-71.95392650*102 Boulevard des Bois Francs Sud* Victoriaville* (QC) G6P 1E7***Show on Map* | Boulangerie Lazio*45.69924910*-73.65580210*1290 des Seigneurs Blvd* Terrebonne* (QC) J6W 4Z1***Show on Map* | Camping Lac des Pins *45.06260180*-73.91115340*3625* Road 201* St-Antoine-Abbé (QC) J0S 1N0***Show on Map* | Canard & cie*45.21057810*-74.01372660*228* Main Street* Saint-Louis-de-Gonzague (QC) J0S 1T0***Show on Map* | Cidrerie Milton*45.48331410*-72.75916420*5 Route 137 Nord* Sainte-Cécile-de-Milton* (QC) J0E 2C0***Show on Map* | Club Tissus - Saint-Hubert*45.49065130*-73.38202780*1651* des Promenades Boul.* Saint-Hubert (QC) J3Y 5K2***Show on Map* | Crème Amis*45.57210530*-73.68993240*72 La Concorde Est Blvd* Laval* (QC) H7G 2B7***Show on Map* | Crèmerie du Vieux Saint-Jean*45.30586110*-73.25020100*190 du Quai Street* Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu* (QC) J3B 6Y3***Show on Map* | Croissant 21*45.47798810*-74.30236530*133 Saint-Pierre Street* Rigaud* (QC) J0P 1P0 ***Show on Map* | Cuisine gourmande*45.21928740*-73.73682130*223 Principale Street* Saint-Urbain-Premier* (QC) J0S 1Y0***Show on Map* | Dépanneur Perron et Frères*45.47960290*-74.29430820*105 St-Jean-Baptiste Est* Rigaud* (QC) J0P 1P0***Show on Map* | Dépanneur St-Dominique et Station essence*45.56568990*-72.85434590*1147 Principale Street* Saint-Dominique* (QC) J0H 1L0***Show on Map* | El Cactus*45.36159380*-73.74774810*65 Blvd Salaberry Sud* Châteauguay* QC J6J 4J4***Show on Map* | Épicerie Les Récoltes*45.54724060*-73.60290230*1895 Rue Bélanger* Montréal* (QC) H2G 1B6***Show on Map* | Épicerie Prette*45.42990520*-73.82326210*251 Bord-du-Lac Rd* Pointe-Claire* QC H9S 4H9***Show on Map* | Ferme Guyon*45.41226110*-73.31220510*1001 Patrick Farrar Street* Chambly* (QC) J3L 4N7***Show on Map* | Folie en vrac********Show on Map* | Fouquet Morel*46.36020300*-72.57070600*730 Blvd Récollets* Trois-Rivières* (QC) G8Z 3W2***Show on Map* | Fou d'ICI*45.50683850*-73.56900870*360 Blvd de Maisonneuve Ouest* Montréal* (QC) H3R 1L2 ***Show on Map* | Fromagerie Hamel*45.74908530*-73.43434580*622 Notre Dame Street* Repentigny* (QC) J6A 2T9***Show on Map* | Héritage Saint-Bernard*45.38565000*-73.76785590*480 D'Youville Blvd* Châteauguay* QC J6J 5T9***Show on Map* | IGA Express*45.34200000*-73.28481540*1315 Douglas Street* Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu* QC* Canada**Show on Map* | IGA Express*45.30683650*-73.86198000*514 Cadieux Blvd* Beauharnois* QC* Canada**Show on Map* | La Bulle Créative*45.31610680*-73.74173520*758* Saint-Jean-Baptiste Boul.* Mercier* QC**Show on Map* | La Crème des Crèmes *45.25827950*-73.79319420*335* Saint-Joseph Road* Sainte-Martine* (QC) J0S 1V0**Show on Map* | La Factrie*45.25474260*-74.13233720*17 Marché Street* Salaberry-de-Valleyfield* QC J6T 1P1* Canada**Show on Map* | La Gourmandine*45.63858350*-72.96615240*3200* Laframboise Boul.* Saint-Hyacinthe (QC) J2S 4Z5***Show on Map* | La Lèche Crème*45.25711110*-74.12367460*117* Victoria Street* Salaberry-de-Valleyfield* (QC) J6T 1A2**Show on Map* | La Lèche Crème 2 *45.26990430*-74.13723920*512* Grande-île Avenue* Salaberry-de-Valleyfield (QC) J6S 3N6***Show on Map* | La Coop Unifrontières*45.21553390*-73.99351900*31* du Pont St* Saint-Louis-de-Gonzague (Québec) J0S 1T0***Show on Map* | La Marine Marchande*45.19438630*-74.17864060*559 Rue Hébert* Saint-Stanislas-de-Kostka* QC J0S 1W0* Canada**Show on Map* | Le Cultivateur*45.38999120*-73.57532100*350 Road 132* Saint-Constant* (QC) J5A 1M3***Show on Map* | Le Dép du Village*47.67089390*-69.73434770*173 Rue Principale* Saint-André-de-Kamouraska* QC* Canada**Show on Map* | Le Relais Glacé*45.90871830*-72.48061360*1435 Foucault Blvd* Saint-Charles-de-Drummond* QC* Canada**Show on Map* | Les Glaceurs*45.50300800*-73.56920010*1245 Robert-Bourassa Boul.* Montréal* QC H3B 3A8* Canada**Show on Map* | Les Glaceurs - Succursale Métro de Longueuil*45.52425770*-73.52176920*120 Place Charles-Le Moyne* Longueuil* QC J4K 2T4* Canada**Show on Map* | Les Glaceurs - Succursale De La Roche*45.52788040*-73.57583960*4347 de la Roche Street* Montréal* (QC) H2J 3H8***Show on Map* | Les Gourmandes*45.47470200*-73.26879600*281a Patriotes Road* Saint-Mathias-sur-Richelieu* (QC) J3L 6X3***Show on Map* | L'Odika*45.88798050*-72.50438820*1116 Boulevard Saint-Joseph* Drummondville* (QC) J2C 2C7***Show on Map* | Les Passions de Manon*45.62444500*-72.94649300*1660* des Cascades Street* Saint-Hyacinthe (QC) J2S 3H8***Show on Map* | Marché Bonichoix*45.73080460*-72.73478600*685 Principale Street* Sainte-Hélène-de-Bagot* (QC) J0H 1M0***Show on Map* | Marché Toit Rouge*45.74664180*-73.46302570*180 Brien Blvd* Repentigny* (QC) J6A 7E9***Show on Map* | Marché Tondreau*45.45155380*-73.57252840*5589 Rue de Verdun* Verdun* (QC) H4H 1L2 ***Show on Map* | Markina Resto Boutique*45.52963280*-73.34501430*1360 de Montarville Street* Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville* QC J3V 3T5* Canada**Show on Map* | Mon Petit Dépanneur*45.24818320*-73.91290710*399* Saint-Louis Road* Saint-Étienne-de-Beauharnois (QC) J0S 1S0***Show on Map* | Oli Boutique Gourmande*48.80521060*-79.20268770*57 5e Av Est* La Sarre* QC J9Z 1L1* Canada**Show on Map* | Patate & Persil*45.38362420*-74.00889380*9 Avenue Saint-Charles* Vaudreuil-Dorion* QC J7V 2K3* Canada**Show on Map* | Plage de Saint-Zotique*45.22522530*-74.28945950*105* 81st Avenue* Saint-Zotique (QC) J0P 1R0***Show on Map* | Potager Mont-Rouge*45.45391200*-73.08127780*154 Rang de la Montagne* Rougemont* (QC) J0L 1M0***Show on Map* | Rose Drummond*45.89027940*-72.54513180*210 Lemire Ouest Blvd* Drummondville* (QC) J2B 8A9***Show on Map* | Ruban Bleu Boutique*45.36157840*-73.71462470*85 Saint Jean Baptiste Blvd* Châteauguay* QC J6J 3H7* Canada**Show on Map* | Sous les oliviers*45.38064510*-74.01727790*345* Harwood boul.* Vaudreuil-Dorion (QC) J7V 7W1***Show on Map* | Shell*45.38813030*-73.55766310*1600 des Écluses Blvd* Sainte-Catherine* QC* Canada**Show on Map* | Ultramar*45.51411750*-73.13268610*3627 Principale Street* Saint-Jean-Baptiste* (QC) J0L 2B0***Show on Map* | Voisin*45.31358540*-73.87826250*671 Ellice Street* Beauharnois* QC* Canada**Show on Map* | Voisin*45.30552630*-73.87986810*321 Saint-Louis Road* Beauharnois* QC* Canada**Show on Map* | Voisin*45.37738820*-73.50354060*170 Jean-Leman Blvd* Candiac* QC* Canada**Show on Map* | Voisin*45.45890220*-73.41888470*7100 Grande Allée* Saint-Hubert* QC* Canada**Show on Map* | Voisin*45.50244520*-73.42621520*5175 Cousineau Blvd* Saint-Hubert* QC* Canada**Show on Map* | Voisin*45.52874390*-73.28978960*185 Sir-Wilfrid-Laurier Blvd* Saint-Basile-le-Grand* QC* Canada**Show on Map*

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